Pondering the blog…

I’ve been pondering this blog a bit lately. When it started out I concentrated a lot on the city centre and your typical type street photography. It’s sort of evolved lately, it’s more an Edinburgh dog walkers diary now, walking the dog and taking the shots seems to fit quite nicely but it’s chanced the ethos of the blog somewhat.

I’m also aware that I’ve never yet made it properly into the residential areas. The main reason being that you simply can’t walk around a lot of these places with a big camera, it’s draws far too much attention to you. It would be plain stupid to walk around Wester Hailes pointing a camera with big lens at people. In the city centre you don’t get a 2nd look, head into the more notorious council schemes and you get more than a 2nd look. The more you try to look inconspicuous the more you stand out. There’s no easy answer to this one but I can state confidently I won’t be hanging around Wester Hailes centre taking shots any time soon, Real Edinburgh or not I prefer my face to remain unarranged.

It’s also been mentioned that I’m covering the West side of the city more than anything else. Well, the simple reason for that is I’m based in the west of the city. I could branch out further but to be honest, I know the west well, stick me in Gracemount and I’d be lost.

So, I’m going to keep going for now at least and see where the blog goes. WIth the winter finally looking as if it’s about to beat a retreat I’ll get my lazy arse back into the city a bit more and start studying the people of Edinburgh again.

For now though, despite the change in focus I do hope people are enjoying the blog as much as I’m enjoying putting it together.

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One thought on “Pondering the blog…

  1. Keep on walking and taking photos. If the West side works for you, do it until you are bored with it and then move on if you want to. Thanks!

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