Sort it out Edinburgh Council!

You’d think, with something like Calton Hill in the middle of your city, overlooking a World Heritage Site, a magnet for nearly every tourist that visits the city, a place with some of the best views of the city centre you’d make more of an effort to keep it clean? Sadly the hill is regularly used as an alfresco drinking spot for what seems to be mainly Eastern Europeans and the hillside is littered with empty beer cans and booze bottles, not to mention MacDonalds litter. Add to that, the bins are nearly always overflowing as they are simply, obviously not emptied enough!

There’s a good few Edinburgh councillors, MSP’s etc follow this blog, so sort it out please? Stop the drinking dens and get the place a bit cleaner? What would it take, 0.001% of the tram budget? If our council can offer to support the workshy Occupy arseholes they can keep one of the cities major tourist attractions cleaner and safter! Rant over.

Empty can of “wifebeater”, welcome to Edinburgh!

Disgarded Stella

Disgarded Stella

MaccyD’s… helping litter cities the world over.

Maccy Ds and Holsten

Maccy Ds and Holsten

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2 thoughts on “Sort it out Edinburgh Council!

  1. I say tax the Royal Bank more to help fund our city. After all, they bullied the council into giving them greenbelt land at Gogarburn to build their HQ on. What goes around comes around. Seems only fair.

  2. If the Edinburgh council is as short of funds as every other city authority, get some businesses to have volunteers
    from their workplace do some cleanup and get some advertising and goodwill from it.

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