Innocent Railway Revisited

I know I’ve done the Innocent Railway tunnel before, but this was the first time I had visited it with the full camera kit in tow, ie Tripod, wide angle lens, remotes etc etc. I liked the end results of the colour shots so thought I’d post them here since it’s relevant to Real Edinburgh!

Bog standard shot with a really wide lens

Moving to let a cyclist past! Quite like the off centre view

Dead centre again but twisting the zoom on the lens during the exposure gives this effect

Shot with a lensbaby selective focus lens, focused on the light at the other end

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One thought on “Innocent Railway Revisited

  1. Great photos! They look brilliant and I like the idea and effect of turning the lens whilst shooting – reminds me of the musicians’ technique of tuning a guitar mid-strum to change note. Really nice.

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