The Budgie Graveyard

I wont say exactly where this is, but it’s alongside the Water of Leith somewhere. No doubt if you’ve ever came across it you’ll know where it is. I had seen this on a few occasions but never really clocked what it was until lately. I’ve no idea who put it there but it’s a budgie graveyard. I’m sure there was more crosses before and the whole thing looks like it’s either been trashed by some brain dead arsehole or the high winds have got to it, sadly it’s probably the former. I’d love to know the story behind it if anyone knows?

These are the 3 crosses left hidden away, doesn’t seem to be anything more recent than 2009. RIP Pippa, Holly and Bluey.

Budgie Graveyard 1

Budgie Graveyard 1

This was a little sign that used to mark the area, now almost unreadable.

Budgie Graveyard 2

Budgie Graveyard 2

One of the stranger finds I’ve made in Edinburgh it has to be said!

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