Lost: One pair of boxers

How does this happen? Seriously, how the f*** do you loose your boxers? A lost shoe I can understand but lost boxers? These were on the Water of Leith walkway just feet off Gorgie Road. Now, to have actually lost them, the wearer must have, you would assume, removed shoes and trousers as well. Even if the original owner had pulled in the Chesser and was doing the nasty up here one would doubt he would have been trampling around the grass and dog shite in his socks while attempting to do the deed. The only reasonable explanation is that he shit himself and I wasn’t going for a closer look to confirm. If they belong to you, shame on you…

The Lost Pants

The Lost Pants

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2 thoughts on “Lost: One pair of boxers

  1. I found a pink Hello kitty bra outside the scotmid on Grogie road last week. Looked around a 30B or C. (I didn’t stop to check). Who would be taking off their bra on Gorgie road?!

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