100 posts and counting

And so here we are at the 100th post on this blog. 100 posts, 327 images, over 8000 views and now nearly 330 likes on the Facebook page thanks to the Lost Edinburgh guys on Facebook yesterday. Not too shabby for just a few months work?

There were a few points I didn’t think the blog would last this long, especially with the advent of the long winter nights which have made the acquisition of new shots a nightmare. Not the mention the crappy weather, which at first was an opportunity to get new shots, but after weeks of it it’s now an excuse not to!

When I started the project the idea was simply to document everyday life in Edinburgh, regardless of where and it’s been fun and a learning experience too. From the start I had the notion of heading into the rough council estates and getting the gritty realities of life but in practice that’s not particularly easy to do. In the city nobody gives you a second glance wandering about with a big SLR and lens, however hang about in the council estates with similar and you’re noticed in seconds with extreme suspicion.

It’s important for me to have no interaction with subjects at all in these shots. I don’t want posed, I want candid shots of life as it happens, not for the camera and that’s easier to do where people expect to see a camera. Trying to get shots of city centre pubs would be easy, try and get some of the rougher further out boozers I’ve got so far and it’s difficult to get the shot without attracting the attention of the doorway smoking brigade, you feel more like a DSS snooper than a photographer at times.

There’s still so much more to document in Edinburgh though so this blog will continue although new material will be more sporadic until spring has sprung!

I’d like to thank everyone who’s encouraged me with this personal project, everyone who’s viewed, liked, commented or shared the posts, it’s all very much appreciated.

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