The demise of McEwans

This gap site, was once the former home of the huge McEwens brewing empire. This site was the bottling plant and the other side of the road was the brewrey itself. Founded in the mid 1800’s it finally closed in 2005. The brewrey site has been cleared for years and a new development of identical little boxes of flats that can’t be sold are already in it’s place. This site was just cleared in the last few months. Some of the beers once produced here are now made in the Caledonian Brewrey along Slateford Road about a mile from here, the rest all moved to be brewed in England or were scrapped. Years ago McEwens Lager, Export and Youngers Tartan Special were the staple beers you’d find everywhere in Scotland, today you’d be hard pushed to find them anywhere.

These were taken from the side of the Union Canal at Edinburgh Quay.

Brewrey 1

Brewrey 1

Brewrey 2

Brewrey 2

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