Alternative Tram-sport

The Edinburgh tram project. Even the mention of it can provoke either sarcastic laughter at best or a tirade of filth at worst. A pointless transport project which if it had gone to plan might have been worthwhile, now though it’s a laughing stock. Not wanted by the people of the city it continues to be forced on as the guilty parties responsible for the city’s most monumental cock-up ever try in vain to rescue what left of their local government careers.

But, is it too late for an alternative? Lets examine some of the options around Princes Street today…

Firstly, the Noddy “Santa” Train currently doing the rounds. It wouldn’t need the rails, capacity could be added by adding more carriages, New routes would be easily introduced and it’s got that “novelty factor”. Maybe not the best in bad weather mind.

Santa Train

Santa Train

Santa Train

Santa Train

How about a horse and cart? It would appeal to conservationists in the city, would provide a welcome boost to the “horsey industry”, less pollution if you use low fart emission horses. Not capable of carrying many passengers though, and after standing in horse shit in Princes Street today, it’s maybe not the answer.

Horse and Cart

Horse and Cart

Now this is new. We keep the chairy-planes and beef it up a bit. Spin it faster, get the angle right and release! You’d sail majestically to your destination. Ridiculous? Well, no more than the trams really…

Chairy Planes

Chairy Planes

So where does that leave us? Better just to walk really…

Seriously though, seeing Princes Street as fully pedestrian, that’s the way to go. Keep all transport off the street, sort out a permanent route for the buses that do a good job already and you’ve transformed the city centre. Would have been a lot cheaper than the trams and might have saved some of the small businesses that got driven into the ground with the relentless road works.

Walking Princes Sreet

Walking Princes Sreet


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3 thoughts on “Alternative Tram-sport

  1. Hi Real Edinburgh – been following your blog for a while and enjoying some great street photography – well done! You might be interested in the splashback campaign to save Leith Waterworld – we’ve been petitioning outside against closure all weekend and will be there with our stall every weekend (or SUB – the Swimming Utility Battlebus!) until closure on 8th Jan. There’s some great opportunities for photos – check the blog for some images of this weekends flyering… Cheers for now, johnny

  2. I like the chairy-plane idea, maybe the current Councillors can try it out first, aim for Outer Siberia?? Pedestrianizing Princes St is the way to go, take the parking away in George St and let Queen St be the main thoroughfare and we are done 🙂

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