A well organised beggar

When I took this up near the top of the North Bridge I didn’t think much of it, just another beggar on the streets, it’s hardly a rare sight in the city centre, book after I had walked down the North Bridge and along into Princes Street something twigged. At regular intervals there were young Asian girls all very similar begging at key points, ie just after crossings, next to cashline machines. It was so obvious, what was going on. It’s the real beggars I feel sorry for, it’s because of actions like this people are hesitant to help the genuine cases out.

Organised Begger

Organised Begger

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One thought on “A well organised beggar

  1. I feel sorry for ALL people on the streets… but doubly sorry for these women as they were probably brought here under false pretences, and made to ‘work’ in this demeaning way (or even worse ways, behind closed doors of the cities brothels). From my previous work experience and some research I’ve done, I imagine they’re paying back a debt with interest that gets bigger every day..

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