Classy Establishments 2

And it’s time to revisit the best of Edinburgh’s watering holes and entertainment venues. Some real toilets for you this time around and all bar one of them, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve drank in. Mind you, I’d rather be confined to any of these for eternity rather than endure one pint in your poncey George Street places like Tigerlilly and it’s overpriced booze.

Lets kick off with Stratfords Bar, or Stratties as it’s better known. One of the hardcore bevvying places of Gorgie. Opening at 6am to service the hardcore alcoholics of western Edinburgh.

Stratfords Bar

Stratfords Bar

Moving down into Dalry now, just outside Haymarket is the lovely Dickens, a typical hard drinking den for the less refined end of the market. Surrounded by Cash Generators and Cheque cashing shops this is a seriously classy place in a classy part of town.



Not a pub but just over the road from Dickens was the Cleopatra Internet Cafe. With such an exotic name would could fail to be charmed by it’s nicotene yellow paintwork and harsh strip lighting for some quality surfing, or indeed, faxing and scanning. A technological den of delights.

Cleopatra Internet Cafe

Cleopatra Internet Cafe

And lets switch over to the other side of town to finish off with the Anchor Inn in Granton. I can’t vouch for it’s interior these days but I walked in here many years ago when it used to be the Dolphin, quickest pint I ever had. It still looks inviting with it’s barred windows and hey, it’s got a big telly. What more could you want?

Anchor Inn

Anchor Inn


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