Any spare change?

Begging. It’s far from unique to Edinburgh, any city, anywhere in the world and you’l find beggars somewhere. Sad thing is though, for every genuine case in the city, there are more chancers supplementing their dole money for more drink and drugs. I actually wouldn’t mind helping someone really down on their luck, I really object to it when they wear a pair of brand new trainers that cost more than mine though! I’ve no idea if these guys are genuine or not but this is part of city centre life.

Outside Sainsbury’s in Rose Street, just across the road from Jenners, two worlds poles apart.

Begging at Sainsburys

Begging at Sainsburys

This guy was in Hanover Street. It’s hard to image where life could go so wrong to end up here, presuming he’s genuine.

Ex army and homeless

Ex army and homeless

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