Graffiti Warden and No Parking!

I’m beginning to question my use of a WordPress hosted blog for this project. It’s just so hard to drive meaningful traffic to it. I’m wondering if I should go down the domain and hosting route, more flexible sure but do I want expense and the hassle that goes with it? I could switch everything to Flickr but Flickr appeals more to photographers and that’s not really the target audience for this blog, plus you lose the ability to talk on Flickr.

Anyway, some graffiti today, caught in Lower Gilmore Place after I took yesterday’s canal shots. The traffic warden was just a lucky catch. Lower Gilmore Place should have been regenerated along with the canal, what a toilet of a street.

Graffiti Warden

Graffiti Warden

This was also from Lower Gilmore Place, not exactly graffiti but a rather ad hoc no parking notice. More restrictive notices should have smiley faces in my opionion.

No parking

No parking

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