The Heart of Midlothian and a look back…

So here we are at 30 posts. The Real Edinburgh blog, in a little over 2 weeks, has posted 30 times, these posts have been viewed nearly 2000 times and there are 112 images in total between the posts.

So, am I happy with this as a starting point? You bet I am.

All things considered from a) a standing start and b) really learning a whole new style of photography I’m pretty pleased with how it’s gone so far and the feedback I’ve had so far has been largely positive.

However, the online feedback and figures are far from the whole story. As I was mainly, I suppose, a landscape photographer switching to exploring the whole street photography thing was daunting to say the least. Rather than picking a location, researching sunset/sunrise time and locations, tide times, possible weather conditions it’s been refreshing to get into the city and just explore with a camera. No filters, no stacks of lenses, just the camera, one lens and plenty of footwork.

There’s a certain freedom about street photography, no real hard and fast rules and of course, exploring the city in detail like I’ve never seen before has been eye opening. I’ve seen parts of the city I never knew existed, right next to places I’ve been to on dozens of occasions.

But even more than that, just observing the city, the people within it, looking at the shops, the buildings and the interactions between all the elements has been fascinating. I now find myself hoping for rain so I can get different shots, whereas as a landscape photographer the camera stayed firmly in the bag if it rained. I’m looking forward to the cold weather and praying it’ll snow just to be able to document these times in the city.

I’m not about to give up on the other styles I enjoy but I think it’s fair to say that I now really understand the appeal of street photography in a way I never could have before and I think this is something I’ll stick with long term.

As for the stuff that’s been posted so far, there are some shots in there I’m really pleased with, others I can look back at and I’m not so happy but it’s a learning experience and without the mediocre shots I’ll never get the great ones. The only regret I have at the moment is concentrating a bit much on the city centre rather than the residential outskirts but truth be told, in the city wandering with a camera no-one gives you a 2nd look, head into the run down council estates and the second you’re seen that’s it. People wonder who you are, what you’re doing, it’s instant suspicion. I’m thinking I might need to invest in a decent compact to use in these places rather than the DSLR.

I might also introduce the odd colour shot into the blog. While I love the mono and it suits the subject matter brilliantly, there are the odd occasion that the light captured is so special it would be a shame to lose the colour.

I’d just like to finish off with a thanks to everyone who’s followed, commented, re-tweeted or even criticised, it’s all appreciated and I hope you’ll stick around as I try to get to my eventual aim of recording life in Edinburgh.

I’ll leave you with a quick shot of the Heart of Midlothian, thankfully in the rain so it’s washed all the spit away. Why do people spit on it?

Heart of Midlothian

Heart of Midlothian

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One thought on “The Heart of Midlothian and a look back…

  1. When son and I did a course at Stills earlier this year we were ‘practising’ on cars close to the Parliament. Our tutor looked not unlike a polis. Van and taxi drivers must have thought we were recording their movements. Certainly didn’t look happy.

    In places where you need to be discrete, try the camera at waist level, relatively wide angle. You will get some great shots (and crap) and won’t get slapped in process.

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