Classy Establishments

Welcome to this new series here on Real Edinburgh, a spot I’m going to call “Classy Establishments”. This post features 3 of Edinburghs, shall we say, pubs you wouldn’t take your granny to. Not unless your granny resemembled “Maw Bacon” from Viz at any roads.

As any Scot will know, alcohol is quite popular inScotland. The sterotypical image of the drunk Scotsman sadly isn’t that far from the truth in a lot of cases and should you be brave, curious or just plain daft, venture into these places and you’ll probably find a few that will fit the bill. I’m not talking your city centre drunks here, your weekend wideboy with his designer gear off his head on Stella, no, I’m talking your hardcore bevvy merchants.

So lets kick off with Robertsons Bar. Found at the start of Gorgie Roadjust opposite Tynecastle Stadium, long time home of Hearts football club. It’s obvioulsy a rabid Hearts bar and no surprise since in it’s original guise it was owned by ex Hearts player, John Robertson. He’s long since gone and the place shuts down and re-opens on a regular basis under new management. Walk in on a match day wearing green and see what happens (actually don’t…)

Robertsons Bar

Robertsons Bar

And so to The Fountain. Looks not too bad? Sat in Fountainbridge, famous for being the birthplace of Sean Connery, breweries and little all else. Sat opposite the Foutainpark entertainment complex, just yards from here there are cinema goers, families eating out and a selection of less downmarket pubs yet I doubt any visitor to Fountainpark ever sets foot in here. I’ve been in here a couple of times belive me it’s one of those boozers where you could live next door and you wouldn’t want to be a regular.

The Fountain

The Fountain

Lets move on to Dianes Pool Hall. This place has been here for years, full of older hardcore drinkers and up and coming hardcore drinkers out for the cheap beer. It’s also has pool tables as well you know. Just outside the city centre, yards from Haymarket station I serioulsy doubt it caters much for the tourist trade.

Dianes Pool Hall

Dianes Pool Hall

I’m hoping this series won’t be short lived, but in trying to get a 4th place for this blog the inhabitats became overly curious at what I was up to so decided to move on quickly rather than get a good kicking. There’s a few on my list I’ve no idea how to get shots of while they are open, all part of the fun I suppose!

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