Edinburgh Architecture

Edinburgh is renowned for it’s archictural delights. As a World Heritage site it’s jammed full of amazing old buildings to rival anywhere else in the world. It also has some architectural fail’s rather less pleasing to the eye…

Architecture Fail

Architecture Fail








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5 thoughts on “Edinburgh Architecture

  1. Is that the building on the corner of Lady Lawson Street and West Port? Nice photo of an architectural monstrosity!

  2. It’s Argyle House by the architect Michael Laird and one of my favourite buildings, a great, and increasingly rare, example of welfare state vernacular. It’s a mega-structure yet nestles discreetly beneath the castle, it’s like Queen St compressed and it has weathered far better than the new buildings opposite which are already staining.

    It’s popular to denigrate the architecture of the 60s but we made the same mistake with our post-war attitudes to the Victorians and lost many buildings that in retropsect we realised were superb. We now eat our young and may live to regret it.

    But you will be pleased to know that there’s a development brief from the wise heads at City of Edinburgh Council for the site that pushes for whole scale demolition, so you’re in good company. No doubt we can look forward to some anodyne replacement clad in a veneer of sandstone so that it ‘fits in’.

  3. Would agree with @papawasarodeo. It’s an under-appreciated form and this one fits very well into it’s surroundings. Given some decent sunshine it’s a very pleasing sight.

  4. I tend not to be a fan of this style of building – although I am mellowing with age – but photos like this let you see what the architects were aiming for.

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