Calton Candids

It might be one of the most touristy area of Edinburgh, but there’s no denying that Calton Hill is an awesome place to catch the views and people watch. Every time you walk around here, there’s something different. If you live in Edinburgh and you’ve never been up here, shame on you.

Everyone know’s the views from Calton Hill, that famous shot with the Dugald Stewart Monument with the Balmoral and Castle behind, but look around the back end of the hill, looking north and you get some equally cool viewpoints. Historic as the front side, it might not be, but there’s no denying that industrial Leith as a certain something.

Industrial Leith

Industrial Leith

I love this view, the long lens compressed the view and makes it look like the Balmoral Clock is right behind the people.

Thats a huge clock

Thats a huge clock!

As I’ve said, you can people watch for ages up here. It’s not just the tourists either, there are always a fair few locals on Calton. Sadly the place does have a slightly undesirable reputation as a rampant gay haunt but honestly, I’ve never seen anything like that here. A bigger problem is the Eastern Europeans using it as a drinking den.

On the hillside

On the hillside

You might be thinking by now that this really doesn’t fit  in with the mission of this blog but this is real edinburgh. Tourists are part of the city like it or not. It would be a far poorer place without them in reality.

Climbing the canon

Climbing the canon

Nothing about Calton is complete without a look down Princes Street, not that classic shot looking down the street but a closer look into the hustle and bustle of the afternoon rush hour, and of course, those tram works…

Crossing Princes Street

Crossing Princes Street

And to finish a huge zoom look at the busy side of the street in full flow as Edinburgh heads home or more likely, to the pubs.

Friday afternoon rush hour

Friday afternoon rush hour

I must get into the council estates soon and redress the balance of the beauty of Calton with the “charms” of Wester Hailes. Any offers to be a bodyguard?


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